A London Games Mentorship Program

Coming Spring/Summer 2019

Limit Break is a London based mentorship program aimed at people of underrepresented genders in the games industry (this includes cis women, trans women, trans men and non-binary people). Participants are paired with a mentor who is an established professional in their field. Applications are now open to both mentors and mentees who can commit to 6 months of once-a-month in person meet ups! We are planning this to happen between May-October 2019.


A mentor is a trusted advisor. Mentors don’t necessarily have to be a colleague or your boss. Sometimes it’s difficult to ask for help. This is why Limit Break was founded, it’s here to facilitate connections and provide structure for those in seek of that extra push! It’s a safe space for everyone involved, and a way to help each other grow their career.

Check out who are our current line up of potential mentors HERE!