Who is included in “underrepresented genders”?

This means cis women, non-binary, trans women and trans men - are all welcomed to apply. We understand that the presented environment is weighted towards femmes, and hope for your patience that we are slowly changing that to ensure everyone in this program will feel welcomed.

AM I TOO EXPERIENCED To be a mentee?

Naw - minimum years of experience needed is one year, but however long you have been in the industry we will try and match you with someone with at least 2 or 3 more years experience than you. Of course, this is dependant on the list of available mentors!

WHY London and ONLY for women and gender diverse people?

Limit Break is organised by one person, Anisa, and she’s based in London. To keep scope at an achievable scale, the program is best focused in one area with a select few participants to ensure the best possible outcome! If all goes well, maybe in the future we can expand elsewhere and to more people!

Do I have to physically be in london?

Yes - it is important that both mentor and mentee get one on one in-person meetings together. For this reason, unless the mentor is not available for the entire month, video calling is discouraged.

What if I don’t live or work in London, but I can easily commute in?

If traveling into London once a month is easy for you, then yes please do sign up!

I’m a company/organisation/individual and would like to financially support limit break. What should I do?

Oh wow! Thanks! Email us and we’d love to discuss opportunities and partnerships!

I’m a man and would like to support limit break. What can I do?

We’re always open to the many ways the community as a whole can contribute! At the moment we’re encouraging more women in senior and leadership roles to apply as mentors, however that doesn’t mean men can’t apply as mentors, feel free to do so! Priority will be given to other mentors, and depends if the mentee’s are okay with men mentoring them. Otherwise, drop us an email about what you have in mind or you can signal boost our tweets!

Any other mentorship programs not in London?

Yes! If you are running your own mentorship program and would like to be listed here, let us know!

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